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 Women's Empowerment Seminars & Support Groups 
You Are Not Alone, Get Help Today!

Are you tired of being lonely, depressed or frustrated?
Have you experienced discrimination based on your gender,
age, race, appearance, etc? Have you tried and tried to
accomplish something- a good marriage, have a baby or
give birth to a business or new career? Were you dropped
like Mephibosheth in the Bible during your infancy, growing
up or during a relationship or business deal and you feel
crippled for life like him?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, now is the
time to attend, join or form a Self-Help Support Group so
that you can be The Head and not the Tail. God's will is
that you have life and that more abundantly!

Joyce's Empowerment Seminars will give you the tools so
that you and your group can pick up your beds of affliction
 and walk! Take a look at the Course outline below, and
click here to get started.

Stay Blessed!

Women's Empowerment Seminar!
 Outline & Goals:

How To Get To The Palace From Your Prison Seminar  

  • Understand how these 14 Steps will enable you to accept your true
    nature as a woman loosed by God to be the head and not the tail!
  • Audience participation is required- this is an interactive workshop
    that requires honesty and openness!
  • Begin the process of understanding what you have been placed on
    earth to do
  • Reawaken and identify your gifts and talents 
  • Attune your spiritual ear so that you can hear what God is saying
    to you in your dreams and visions 
  • Identify the dysfunctional behavior that prevents you from realizing
    your dreams
  • Identify the negative mindset and defeatist attitudes that prevent
    you from going to the next level
  • Learn how to be a financially secure woman and prosper in bad times
  • Learn how to compete in a global economy in a "man's world"
  • Learn how to be content and single
  • Discover how to stay physically fit and in control of your hormones
  • Learn how to protect yourself from STDs, HIV/AIDS, hypertension,
    heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc. 
  • Spot the 10 Signs of an Abusive Man before you say "I do"
  • Find out how you can get a "good man" and keep him
  • Discover how to be a good friend, wife and mom
  • Learn how to forgive and love yourself
  • ?Experience "shalom", -nothing missing and nothing broken in your life
  • ?Become the "New You!"
  • Click to get started today and have Joyce come to your group, club or

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 Women's Empowerment Interactive Workshop Descriptions 
Workshop A: Mastering The Art Of Being Content & Single

Maturing into a woman can be extremely difficult and challenging in today’s world.
If we are single by choice or by circumstance we must constantly deal with societal
and familial reactions to our single marital status. How do we respond to pressures
to be “married”? How do we assert ourselves on the job in a “man’s” world? What
about our biological clock? How do we handle dating as a single parent? And yes,
the big one, how do we handle our sexual desires? Issues of premarital sex,
HIV/AIDS and infidelity will also be discussed.

Workshop B: How To Get A “Good Man” & Keep Him!

For women who want and value marriage, finding and keeping a good man is a lot
of pleasure and work! This workshop examines the pros and cons of marriage.
Issues of how to handle finances, old friends, religion, children and career are discussed.






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